Avorion Patch 2.0.11 is now live!

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Scripting API
  • Added new parameter 'mailId' to these mail callbacks:
    • onMailAdded
    • onMailUpdated
    • onMailRead
    • onMailDeleted
  • Added getDesigns() and setDesigns() functions to TurretBases component
  • Added getShipTurretDesigns() function to Player and Alliance
  • Added entity callback onReconstructed(craftId, playerIndex)
"No patch without some good old bug fixing! As usual, User Bug Reports that were submitted via our bug reporting tool are marked with [UBR]! Thanks to such a great community and keep it up!"
  • [UBR] Fixed missions getting stuck waiting for a mail if mail was read and deleted while the game was paused
  • [UBR] Fixed turret designs not being restored when repairing at a Repair Dock
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when talking to the hermit
  • Fixed potential crashes in shops
  • Fixed mapcommands client crash when trying to play a sound
  • [UBR] Fixed potential exploit in station insurances

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