Avorion Patch 1.3.5 - Patchnotes


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  • Object detector no longer highlights valuable objects docked to the current ship
  • Reduced drop chance for Defense System Upgrades relative to the other upgrades
Client & UI
  • Building Mode: Special folders in "Saved Designs" window are now sorted to the front
  • While on beta branch, version is shown on the bottom left of the screen
  • Improved responsiveness of the game during loading screen
    • This fixes Windows thinking that the game crashed when it's actually just loading
  • Added some loading screen tips that explain size relations in the game
  • Added small question marks to indicate that scrapyard dismantling doesn't guarantee goods
Scripting API
  • Added documentation for displaying dialogs
"We made some serious progress over the past 2 weeks on the server side, and now it's time to share it!"
  • Implemented several important performance optimizations
"As always, user bug reports are marked with [UBR]. Thanks for helping us improve the game and keep it up! :)"
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when hiring a spy
  • [UBR] Fixed massive performance issues when changing the sliders for volume or scale in shipyard or station founder
  • [UBR] Fixed problems with hermit mission not updating when talking to adventurer
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where selling of all trash didn't work at a fighter factory
  • [UBR] Fixed IHDTX attacking during dialog on re-enter of sector
  • [UBR] Fixed a crash when using /playerinfo chat command
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where log would be filled with "Skipped queued callback because filter said no"
  • [UBR] Fixed "Show Hints" setting not doing anything
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where some blocks would drop resources even though they shouldn't
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where players wouldn't be written out properly on servers
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues with tooltips on the galaxy map
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues with ships bumping into each other when ordered to escort
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues where jump orders on the galaxy map wouldn't get executed properly
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where flight assist would use up more and more energy after docking
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where traits of DLC syndicates wouldn't show up properly
  • Fixed an issue where docked containers would turn invisible
  • Fixed several UI elements reacting even if the mouse is blocked by other windows
  • Fixed descriptions of missions flickering while changing sectors
  • Fixed several issues in black market story missions
  • Fixed several issues in scripts
  • Updated texts
  • Updated localizations

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