Avorion Patch 0.20.4 - AI & Map Commands

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Pathfinding + Flying AI
We improved the pathfinding and flying AI, so now ships will fly full speed and use boost whenever they safely can. They will also maneuver a lot smarter, for example through sectors with lots of objects like asteroid fields. Keep in mind that this will make the game harder, since you won't be able to run from enemies as easily as before!

Mining + Salvaging AI
We added improvements to the AI for harvesting, ie. mining and salvaging. Before, this was done by the same AI that's responsible for attacking enemies, making mining look silly and be rather inefficient. We've now implemented a separate AI for harvesting, which will improve some behavior of miners and salvagers a lot.

Player Fleet Window
We reworked the player fleet management window. Aside from obvious layout and overview improvements, it can now display every ship's plan so you can easily see which is which. You can also rename your ships in this window now, and it shows you what each ship is doing, and where it is - including a button to show you on the map.

This is one of the main reasons the update took so long and this technical background will probably mostly interest modders or other Avorion-tech-enthusiasts: We've been laying the ground work for calling functions and executing code between sectors. Scripts from one sector will now be able to call functions in scripts of another sector. This wasn't possible at first, due to the asynchronous structure of the Avorion server and its simulation. But this will lead to a lot of great features, like...

Remote Commands & Queues
The above groundwork allowed us to do the following: Inter-Sector commands for ships! You can now command ships over the galaxy map even when they're not in the same sector as you. But that's not all: We're also adding command queues, so you'll be able to order your ships to fly to one sector, mine asteroids, trade goods or attack enemies, and then jump to yet another sector. And you'll be able to loop these commands as well, so you can now have ships doing more complex things all over the galaxy.

Improved security and Modding
VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR MODDERS AND SERVER ADMINS: We've added extra security for calling functions remotely, THIS WILL BREAK YOUR OLD MODS if you're using client-server remote invocations. Check out the patch notes for 0.20.0 for more details!

More and More Improvements
We added lots and lots of other improvements as well, including
- Massive performance improvements while saving sectors
- Map improvements (you can toggle various features of the map on/off)
- Auto-reloading of torpedoes
- Transporters for long-distance interaction with stations
- Alliance map editing rules
To see the full log of changes, check out the patchnotes below:

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