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Временное закрытие сервера
  • Обновлены:
    • Chisel до
    • EnderStorage до
    • NuclearControl до 2.2.0a
    • IC2 Experimental до 706 сборки
    • NEIAddons до
    • NEI до
    • OpenComputers до
    • ProjectRed до
    • RemainInMotion до 2.5.3
    • Waila до 1.5.10
  • Обновлен OpenComputers до 1.5.0
  • Added: eeprom.getData/setData for storing a 256-sized byte array.
  • Changed: Microcontrollers are now fully sided, i.e. they do not pass power, network messages or component access anymore. They can select to which sides they send network messages, however, allowing use as advanced switches.
  • Changed: Internet card now uses userdata for opened connections. The internet library didn't change and remains backwards compatible. However, if you used the internet component directly, you'll need to adjust your code.
  • Changed: Drones can now place blocks and break blocks that can be harvested by hand.
  • Changed: Robot movement restrictions added. They have a limited flight height when in mid-air now (default is eight for now, may add upgrades to boost it). Their movement logic after a good amount of discussion can be summarized as such:
    1. Robots may only move if the start or target position is valid.
    2. The position below a robot is always valid (if it isn't solid).
    3. Positions up to <flightHeight> above a solid block are valid.
    4. Any position that has an adjacent block with a solid face towards the position is valid.
  • Changed: Methods inserting into robot/drone inventories (*.suck()) will now prefer inserting into the selected slot over merging into an existing stack.
  • Removed: computer.getBootAddress/setBootAddress, this is replaced by eeprom.getData/setData. The new Lua BIOS will provide a temporary fallback that uses the EEPROM's new methods. IMPORTANT: you will need to recraft your Lua BIOSes, the old ones will error.
  • Fixed: Cables having a chance of not yielding output when being disassembled.
  • Fixed: Tablet disassembly.
  • Fixed: Tablets being charged even if there was no power.
  • Fixed: Potential NPE in MCU tooltip.
  • Added: yes.lua program to OpenOS (hunator).
  • Changed: Default power conversion values for RF. Needed adjustment after other mods now natively produce RF.
  • Fixed: Improved block rendering a bit, should behave properly with shaders now (thanks a ton to Ivorius for pointers).
  • Обновлен IC2 Experimental до 681 сборки
  • Обновлен Chisel до 2.3.7
  • Changed: Updated russian translation.
  • Fixed: Serious bug allowing left-click chiseling to change blocks to incorrect types.
  • Added: Rewrote presents, now function properly as double chests (better than vanilla!).
  • Added: Metal blocks, varaitions for aluminum, bronze, lead, silver, steel, tin, and uranium.
  • Added: Config options for hex block colors.
  • Added: 2 Valentine's blocks.
  • Changed: Antiblocks and other colored blocks can now be chiseled between.
  • Changed: New malfunctioning fan texture.
  • Changed: V4 and V9 textures will now tile instead of staircase.
  • Fixed: Some render issues with ice/icepillars.
  • Fixed: Crash with some IFacade blocks next to columns.
  • Fixed: Harvest levels of all blocks.
  • Fixed: Compatability with Railcraft 9.5.X.
  • Fixed: Crashes with creative tabs.
  • Обновлен CodeChickenCore до
  • Обновлен ForgeMultipart до 322 сборки
  • Обновлен NEIAddons до
  • Обновлен NEIIntegration до 1.0.7
  • Обновлен Waila до 1.5.9
  • Обновлен ProjectRed до
  • Обновлен OpenComputers до 1.4.7a
  • Added: debug.insertFluid and debug.removeFluid.
  • Added: debug.removeItem for removing items from inventories.
  • Added: inventory_controller.compareToDatabase.
  • Added: play and stop methods to jukebox driver.
  • Added: Ability to copy lines from screens using the analyzer (shift-rightclicking the line with the analyzer), then paste it on a screen by simply rightclicking it with the analyzer.
  • Added: Driver for IDeepStorageUnit.
  • Added: New command, /oc_preventDisassembling (alias: /oc_nodis), which will mark the currently held item so that the disassembler will not work for it.
  • Added: Right-clicking blocks with tablet in hand will now allow components to populate a data table. If any is given, a tablet_use signal is sent to the tablet, with the data passed as a table as the only parameter for the signal. Components providing data are the geolyzer and navigation upgrade for now.
  • Added: Setting for whether to enable command block driver or not; defaulting to false.
  • Added: Tier two and creative tablet cases. These also have space for a single container. When shift-rightclicking them, in addition to be powered off a GUI will open, giving access to the container slot, so you can, for example, insert and remove floppies on the go.
  • Changed: Bumped remote terminal resolution and color depth to tier three, to keep them competitive with tablets with container slots. Will need breaking and re-placing server racks to work in existing worlds.
  • Changed: Disallow breaking creative tier robots by non-creative, non-authorized players.
  • Changed: Limiting number of parts allowed in network packets as a safeguard for weaker computers in addition to the existing limit of overall size.
  • Changed: Lowered default geolyzer noise value (based on Wobbo's magnificent box blots).
  • Changed: Make the Sides API less suprising when used with the # operator and ipairs function (benblank).
  • Changed: Re-enabled inventory_controller.getInventorySize(sides.back) for backwards compatibility. Will be removed in 1.5, use robot.inventorySize().
  • Fixed: Connector.setLocalBufferSize registering self before adjusting size, leading to manager not adding it to the connector list if its size was zero before. In the worst case, this could lead to crashes.
  • Fixed: Avoid skipping physical removal in filesystem.remove when a virtual object had to be removed for deleting a directory.
  • Fixed: Slightly reworked logic of crafting upgrade to also support repairing items.
  • Fixed: Tablet icons should be updated to reflect the tablet's run state more promptly now.
  • Fixed: Visual desync when failing to break a creative case.
  • Обновлен IC2 Experimental до 673 сборки
  • Обновлен OptiFine до версии B5
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