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Patch notes (ver.
New features and tweaks:
  • Added Christmas is feudal special set of craftable items - hats, boots and gloves
  • You can now bind yourself to siege tents and keeps. Resurrecting there will significantly decrease your resurrection sickness. Recommended to do only for important warriors in an events involving sieges/raids.
  • Implemented a shiny new GM robe, old GM robe is called "Believer Robe" now.
  • Torch can now be easily made out of basic materials and does not require naphtha. It does not require Demolition skill and deals VERY low siege damage
  • Added new weapon item "Siege Torch". Made with Warfare Engineering from naphtha, required Demolition skill, has normal siege damage
  • Added a loosen snow substance to avoid steep hills being created with snow
  • Added sow, cow and hind wild animals to the game
  • Decreased wild animals chance to inflict wound/fracture/stun
  • Removed ability to block with a pike
  • Defensive fence: damage now dependent on actual durability instead of objects weight
  • Boar and moose attacks damaging sector/reach increased
  • Wild animals should be properly animated on steep terrain tiles
  • Entities: loot, dropped objects, tombstones, corpses are excluded from "Inspect Object" ability
  • Shape ability is now back in Material preparation skill.
  • Mortar and pestle can now be crafted with a branch as other primitive tools
  • Implemented GM log in Database. May be handy for admins to monitor GMs activity
  • Implemented /JT GM command that allows a GM to jump on certain parts of any terrain. Also implemented /invul command, that grants invulnerability to a GM
  • Players should have a proper invulnerability buff, after log in and recall to home. Effect disappears as soon as player starts movement.
  • Adding support of Czech and Korean languages.

Bug fixes:
  • Players that have fallen under the terrain should be returned back to the surface automatically
  • Fixed rare crashes on tooltips
  • Fixed formations related bug that could result in a huge defense bonus making player almost invulnerable
  • Fixed GM camera jittering while flying in it
  • Fixed permanently sliding/hanging horses
  • Optimized wild animals navmesh. That should improve performance during maintenance, but might increase new world creation time
  • Fixed emotes sounds


Эх вот бы ещё кто перевод нормальный списка изменений в птче сделал, а то из гугл переводчик толком ничё не понятно((((


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