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Invisible Tunnels and Ninja Climbing Begone! (

We are very excited as we are getting super close to being able to share some very important updates for Life is Feudal: MMO. In the meantime, we continue tweaking, optimizing, patching and addressing critical issues as we progress through development.

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:

  • Player movement history is now precisely saved. That means that /stuck and relog activities will no longer let players get on the top of walls and buildings.
  • Personal timer for movable objects does not allow you to destroy them quickly anymore
  • Dismantle ability is no longer available after 30 mins of building a decorative object. This is done to prevent the dismantling of other player’s decorations in order to recover Decoration kits.
  • You can no longer inspect a bag with a dropped movable
  • Tweaked amount of shaped granite needed for Castle Wall recipes
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  • Fixed a random floating bug when tunnel walls were not visible on some clients or in certain parts of the map
  • Fixed a rare server crash related to the character deletion process
  • Significantly optimized the network load that claims and renamed objects put on the network, which should increase open world performance significantly
— The Team

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